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We exist to support Catholics in the UK Armed Forces, as well as their families and Catholic veterans.

Jesus of Nazareth, fully God and fully man, died on the cross and rose from the dead to give you forgiveness for sin and hope of heaven. As followers of Jesus, we must welcome true light into our lives, our families, and the wider world.

That task is the greatest adventure, and is best tackled with supportive friends.


The Constitution states the Mission is to: "...continually cultivate a sincere and deep Catholic practice across the Armed Forces, including MOD Civil Servants, veterans and the immediate families thereof, assisting its members and others in deepening their religious practice toward the goal of sainthood, in accordance with its character as a private association of the faithful, and to improve public understanding of the Catholic religion."
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Courage & Discipline

From the earliest centuries to the present day the faithful have been under attack.

It takes courage and discipline to hold fast to the truth..

Praying a Rosary
Respect & Integrity

We respect others and maintain our integrity.

We defend the faith and uphold the laws of God in our work, wherever it takes us.

Remembrance Flags
Loyalty & Selflessness

The better we live the Catholic faith, the closer we will be to truth.

The closer we are to truth, the more loyal and selfless we will become.


Walsingham Pilgrimage

We're all on a journey.

Pilgrimages make that journey more visible.

You are welcome to join us on one, or to organise your own with us.

Catholic Community

As Catholics in Defence we have shared sufferings, shared privileges, and a shared life of prayer.


We were made to practice the faith as a body, not alone.

Catholic Military Wedding

The sacraments are vital and we strive to live the sacramental life more fully.

Nobody can grow unless they are deep in the sacraments.


CMA Rosary
Support on Deployment

We support each other on exercise and operations.


We understand the challenges of living the faith in arduous environments and stressful conditions.

Prayer card in Warrior
Support in Training

Recruits to the Armed Forces deserve real support through the long and often difficult training process. We can guide through our personal experiences, and offer prayers and encouragement.

Support in Life & Death

Birth and death are the defining moments of a life.

Baptism or last rites, we work together to find priests to sanctify those definitive moments

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