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A New Friendship for the CMA

After four months of discussion between representatives of the Catenian Association of Great Britain and representatives of the CMA, we were pleased and priviledged to sign a Memorandum of Affiliation between their organisation and ours at a special ceremony during the AMI conference in London.

The Catenian Association of Great Britain is an organisation established in Manchester in 1908 to link its members together in bonds of friendship, mutual support and faith. It is a “proudly Catholic” lay organisation which raised over £250,000 in the past year for local charities as well as supporting its two in-house charities; the Benevolent Fund which supports members and their families and the Bursary Fund which sponsors young persons in projects contributing to wider society at home and abroad. The Catenians meet in local Circles or Groups monthly, as well as at family activities, throughout the world. Its Aims are very similar to those of the CMA and as such we have decided to work together in mutual support.

Founded in Manchester, Catenians can now be found in many countries and today are active throughout the U.K., Ireland, Australia, Malta, India, Bangladesh Zimbabwe, South Africa and Nazareth.

Recognizing the mobile lifestyle of members of the CMA the Catenians have agreed to open their meetings, social and spiritual events to the attendance of any CMA members when it is possible for them to attend. CMA members attending will pay any fees or charges for any event they attend at the same rate as a Catenian Brother.

When an CMA member decides to leave the service the Catenians can offer an instant and ready-made Catholic friendship network – wheresoever you choose to settle in the UK. Within the membership the Catenian Association can offer a range of life experiences and skills that could be invaluable to a serviceman or woman when they leave the Armed Forces and re-enter civilian life. The Catenians are well placed to offer the CMA members job/career advice, support and assistance, ranging from career discussions, help with CV writing and appropriate introductions across the UK. Additionally, servicemen under the age of 25 are able to apply for support to the Catenian Bursary Fund Ltd.

We are delighted to be able to work together as we support each other with friendship, accountability, daily prayer and the loving embrace of our cross. The CMA will organise an annual Mass for the members of both our organisations, and we will publish the details for this in due course.

Image: CMA Trustee Capt Francis Osborn and GB National President of the Catenian Association Roger Lillie sign the Memorandum of Affiliation.

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