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Caught not Taught

The CMA exists to encourage Catholics in the military to live their faith. Below is a powerful testimony from Monsignor John Conneely about the importance of doing so.

" Growing up as I did in the world of North London Irish Catholicism it seemed everyone I met was a Baptised Catholic; converts to Catholicism were rare.


Perhaps for that reason I remember well the conversion story of my  Headmaster Mr. Dobson, of St Ignatius, Lower School, Enfield, circa 1968-70.


At one morning assembly he related, as I recall, how in the Second World War he had fought in the North African and Italian campaigns and how his best friend had been a Catholic who was killed before the war ended.

His friend had not made a fuss about his Catholicism, but he would go to mass and confession when a chaplain was available and would  pray by himself and say his rosary. They would have had  the occasional conversations about God and religion.


After the death of his friend he reflected back on his friend’s  life, and  recalled how although his friend had not made a fuss about his Catholicism it was very much a part of him. He saw how it  had given him his spirit of  hope and the will to live tomorrow, and not become  cynical or world weary  despite  what in war they had seen and at times what they had been called to do.


Mr. Dobson in conclusion said it was this that made him decide he wanted what his friend had, and that was why he had become a Catholic.


An example of faith being caught not taught."

Live your faith with love. God will do the rest.

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